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The NY FED has had to inject upwards of $75 Billion into the REPO market in order to keep the system afloat. This also coincides with another Rate Cut...View Details

We are now at the point where there is an open discussion of negative rates in the US. In this show Tim Picciott and John Sniesen breakdown what nega...View Details

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Tom Hegna is a best selling author, Retirement income expert, econo...View Details

  During this talk Tim Picciott CFP(R) CRPC(R) breaks down numerous important topics that almost no other financial advisor delves into. &nbs...View Details

  Help us stay in touch for our inevitable purge: The Liberty Advisor .com/subscribe Listen on to the mp3 on your favorite platforms itunes&n...View Details

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 This podcast video starts with a still frame for the first 5 mins and then g...View Details

  full video here:!/v/ernesthancock/083nnxs2     In this talk recorded 4.17.18 Tim and Ernie briefly go ove...View Details

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In this wide ranging talk at the Arizona Breakfast club, Tim lays the foundation for why America's pension ...View Details

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  This was from a speech I gave at March 10-7-17 at the Arizona Breakfast club on ...View Details