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In this episode, Luke and Tim go over the latest economic news relating to the EU's decision to issue perpetual bonds and what that really means for t...View Details

Whether you agree with Luke and Tim's various positions or not, you probably stand for free speech and freedom of the press. But if certain entities s...View Details

After yesterday's historic oil price collapse, Luke and Tim get into why the exact opposite of what happened with oil yesterday could happen with gold...View Details

This special episode is from an earlier live stream on Luke's main channel We Are Change. To view it as a video on YouTube, please click here. BREAKIN...View Details

To view this podcast as a video, please visit us on YouTube by clickinghere.  Amid yesterday's unprecedented drop in the price of oil, lawmakers coyly...View Details

Luke and Tim dive into the INSANE news that the price of oil has plummeted, but what does that mean for the broader economy? And how will it impact yo...View Details

Did you know we make all of our podcasts as videos? Check this one out right now on YouTube by clicking here.  In today's special long-format podcast ...View Details

US President calls to LIBERATE Michigan, Virginia, and Minnesota, but what could that mean for the broader economy? And is there such a thing as retur...View Details

In this clip from our live video earlier, Luke and Tim answer live questions from the YouTube audience. These include: questions about the price of go...View Details

In a segment from a live stream Luke and Tim completed earlier today, the guys dive into one of the most-pressing & most-misunderstood areas: the ...View Details

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