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On this episode of WAM Tim gives his take on the complete collapse of the global economy on the horizon as the European Union (EU) calls for a $860 bi...View Details

Today on WAM Tim and Josh talk about the massive move towards a cashless society as the Bank of England admits that they're looking very closely at cr...View Details

  Ghislaine Maxwell Didn't Kill herself.....  Or at least yet.    

While Tim was making his way back home, he unwittingly drove past the town where G...View Details

On this special Porkfest / Forkfest edition of of Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock.  Tim and Ernie go over all the latest financial news ...View Details

Unfortunately my video card was corrupted and this is my back up audio that I recently found from last years Freedom Fest.  Still lots of good info in...View Details

The gang is back together again.  In this WAM live show the guys discuss the ongoing financial collapse and the stock market rout that ultimately saw ...View Details

On this guest appearance on "Declare Your Independence" With Ernest Hancock... Tim and Ernie cover the latest stock market decline amongst other finan...View Details

The format of this show is that each show is centered around one guest. The guest happened to be our good friend John Sneisen along and the interviewe...View Details

In this walk and talk Tim talks about the recent jobs number and why the number might not be what its all cracked up to be.   Tim also talks about the...View Details

In this livestream Tim and John discuss how a record amount of HNW investors are fleeing the stock market while the "lemmings" pour into the market in...View Details

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