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Full Video Found Here: John Sneisen and Tim Picciott report on Donald Trump's latest tweet saying that he wants the 1% int...View Details

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Anarchizona 2019 Talk

 Full video with PPT here:   The inaugural Anarchizona was a great success.   This speech is entirely dif...View Details

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This was taped as part of the Jman Ed talks series.  On this wide ranging ...View Details

On this DYI with Ernest Hancock guest appearance we go over the recent financial news including: the FED's capitulation and what the yield curve inver...View Details

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TDV All Speaker Q and A

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  Preceding Anarchapulco was the TDV Investment Summit. This was the ...View Details

Today on DYI with Ernest Hancock we discuss the Federal Reserve's decision to halt interest rate hikes and end their quantitative tightening program. ...View Details

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      When I went to this years turtle party, I fully knew...View Details

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