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  Welcome to the First Tim and Yoshi Walk and Talk.   Youtube link:     In this video we cover what I think about everyt...View Details

In this episode, Luke and Tim go over the latest economic news relating to the EU's decision to issue perpetual bonds and what that really means for t...View Details

Today, Luke and Tim dive into a crisis in development. As millions of Americans are unemployed, industries like food processing are in need of workers...View Details

If you'd like to view the video version of this podcast, please do. You'll find our video on YouTube, just click right here. In the wake of illness, e...View Details

The Government & the Fed Aren't Here to Rescue You!!! The FED is getting serious about owning the world. In this episode, Certified Financial Plan...View Details

The Military is Here & the Government is Taking Over Your Rights! Extreme measures are now being implemented. Trump refused to order supplies beca...View Details

This is Not Over. Everyone Just Stay Calm. There is so much conflicting information out there, it's hard to keep it all straight. Luke and Tim provide...View Details

Record Unemployment: People Are Optimistic, but Should They Be? Record Unemployment. People Are Optimistic but Should They Be? To kick things off, Luk...View Details

Trump Wants to Re-Open Economy. Is it Too Little, Too Late? Trump says America may reopen after 15 days. He’ll even defy doctors’ orders to re-open bu...View Details

It's like 2008, but on STEROIDS!!! Could this be the calm before the storm? As a virus sweeps the world, does a viral economy mean we haven’t even beg...View Details

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