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This was from a FB Live originally recorded 9/11/17 What if I told you insiders had advanced knowledge of September 11th.   What if I told you...View Details

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WWW.THELIBERTYADVISOR.COM/SHOWLINKS TEXT LIBERTYADVISOR TO 71441 (NO SPACES) to be entered to win 10k presearch tokens and $100 of BTC or BCH at the ...View Details

WAM Contributor Tim Picciott "The Liberty Advisor" breaks down the ramifications of Donald Trumps latest twitter spat involving new tariffs on China. ...View Details

Host Ernest Hancock interviews guests Tim Picciott (Crypto Self Direct; The Liberty Advisor; Wealth Manager @ Innovative Advisory Group) and Matt McKe...View Details

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  We've all heard that Obama was great for the economy.  We heard how he boosted GDP and tripled the stock market.   However, s...View Details

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In this episode we release a previously unreleased message that Tim planned on giving to Roger... Only...View Details

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