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February 8, 2021 Are you breathing properly before meals? Find out on this episode of The Tim and John Show where we interview another Tim. Tim James ...View Details

February 1st 2021 Last time we spoke with Ed was red pill expo back in october. Much has changed in this fast moving world of ours. Patriots stormed t...View Details

In this Tim and John Episode, we interview the Leader of the Libertarian Party in Canada, Tim Moen. Tim talks about his experience with the "pandemic"...View Details

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE There has been a whirl wind of events take place since our last show. The world is getting crazy. Patriots storm the c...View Details

In this short report Tim and John cover the insane money printing and the effect its had on the stock market. Most of our best video's don't make it t...View Details

Today’s guest is Richard Grove.Richard is a well-respected independent researcher, whistleblower and entrepreneur behind the Autonomy course. &n...View Details

Today we have  the pleasure of interviewing SpaceX co founder Mr James Cantrell. James is the CEO of Phantom space and former CEO of Vector launc...View Details

To learn more about John Sneisen's work please go to  Join the conversation in Tim and John's Discord community: ht...View Details

Russell Gray is Robert Helms' sidekick on The Real Estate Guys™ Radio and TV Shows.  Russ is a financial strategist with a background in fi...View Details

On this episode of Tim and John show we invite on Charlie Robinson to talk about his book he co-authored with Jeff Berwick. We also discuss the contro...View Details

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