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December 17, 2021   Today we are honored to have Scott Horton of on the show. In this show we get into the ongoing jaw boning between...View Details

December 8, 2021   Today’s special guest is Matt Landman. Matt is the producer of Frakenskies. Its important to step back and realize there...View Details

November 1, 2021   In this episode we kick things off with a look at Meta, FaceBook’s virtual universe. Tim warns of the counter party risk...View Details

October 22, 2021 In this show Tim and John discuss inflation, it's effects on Bitcoin, and its effects on pretty much everything else. Is Bitcoin a go...View Details

October 16, 2021   Headlines around the world are talking about a bitcoin ETF being approved. However, the ETF is not what you think it is. Today...View Details

October 8, 2021 Welcome to a very special episode of the Tim and John show. Today we had the honor of sitting down with the great G Edward Griffin, au...View Details

September 20, 2021Tim's recent walk and talk - Details

July 22, 2021   Tim is back from an excursion to Puerto Vallarta and there’s no shortage on insanity in clown world. First up is Babbling J...View Details

June 14, 2021 Whether its Bitcoin supposedly being hacked by the FBI to recover the pipeline hacker funds,or Janet yellen going from no inflation to i...View Details

May 10 2021 Details

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