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It's Official! We're Now Living in Communism Welcome to the craziest week in economic history! Comrade Rudski (aka Luke Rudkowski), Red Lips (John Sne...View Details

Instead Of Warning Us, They Profited! When our public officials met to discuss the C word... what did they do first? Well they called their financial ...View Details

Tulsi Pulled A Fast One On Everyone! All The News You Are Not Hearing Away From The Distractions We apologize for the audio and will have this fixed. ...View Details

This Is Going To Be WORSE Than 2008! The FED has recently announced that banks do not need to hold ANY reserves! Zero, Nada, Zilch! The Fed has also a...View Details

UBI Is Here & What Did Trump Just Do To The Economy!!!? Earlier today plans were revealed by the Whitehouse that entail giving every American Adul...View Details

Why Did the Market Reject Fed's $1.5 TRILLION Funny Money? Federal Reserve INSANITY!!! What IS the Fed Doing? Luke & Tim Picciott discuss the mas...View Details

Another Sea of Red For the Stock Market. But Don't Worry... The Government is Here to Help While everyone is talking about the stock market... hardly ...View Details

  Can You Believe This Guy Got Away With The Crime of The Decade  In this video we cover a certain massage enthusiast from NY linked to elites that th...View Details

 Oil Price Crashes! Who Is To Blame?? Change The News Show Oil Price Crashes! Who Is To Blame??

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT TIM HERE:   Feature: Tim Picciott Crypto Wealth Advisor (Financial Advisor) TITLES:  President C...View Details

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