On this jam packed show with Ernest Hancock; Tim and Ernest go over a wide range of economic issues.   During this marathon show the Dow happened to be down over 700 points and we discuss why this is happening along with a ton of other economic news.


We also cover Jeffery Epstein and go over some shocking and dare I say conspiratorial views.  Did you know the coroner overseeing the autopsy is the same one that headed up the commission to investigate JFK's assassination a decade later?


You will want to stick around for the end when the real fireworks go off.  Tim and Davi Barker discuss the #metoo movement and the motivation behind the media's coverage of some events and the dismal of other high profile cases such as cough cough Epstein.  If you don't like mean words or naughty language you may want to sit this portion out.


Full video here: https://d.tube/v/ernesthancock/1wgmskqlsbn






Full show links:  https://www.freedomsphoenix.com/Media/266350-2019-08-14-08-14-19-todd-morse-mike-paster-tim-picciott-davi.htm

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