Another Sea of Red For the Stock Market. But Don't Worry... The Government is Here to Help

While everyone is talking about the stock market... hardly anyone is paying attention to the real elephant in the room.... energy bonds!

In this video, the guys go over the latest financial news and how junk bonds tied to energy companies may be the catalyst for a major financial crisis.

They also cover how Christine Lagarde says the upcoming financial crisis could be worse than 2008!

Joe Biden Wins Big, While Also Losing His Mind

In this video, the guys go over the recent Joe Biden victories and pontificate what that might mean for the Bernie Bro's.

They also discuss Joe Biden's recent viral meltdown.

It's Everywhere and Spreading and Will Get Way Worse

In this video the guys go over the latest health scare that is in the news.

Top Medical Dr, Tony Fauci urges the nation to take an 'all hands on deck' approach to this while Angela Merkel warns that over 70% of Germany could become stricken said health scare!

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