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Behind the Numbers and Bill Clinton’s Economic Miracles

We’ve all heard it from the left time and time again.  Well, at least Bill Clinton knew what he was doing with the economy, or Bill Clinton did a great Job with the economy or even the dreaded, it’s all Bush’s fault, pavlovian response.




Up until now Republican’s have pointed out things like well Clinton had a Republican Congress during the boom years or George H.W. Bush laid the groundwork that Bill benefited from etc. etc.

 congresssource Wikipedia


In Econ 101 you learn very early on that a President can do a whole hell of a lot to mess up an economy while in office but there is not a lot of benefits they can reap from their actions while in office. The Federal Reserve Chairman is also accepted by economists as having more of an impact on the economy than the President.

Economist realize this but leftist do not.  Eight years is not enough time to shift major macroeconomic forces for the better as many of these actions take a long time to play out and are often laden with unintended consequences. Technically with the power of the purse, the Congress is also more directly responsible for economic conditions than the President.

Speaking of Major Macroeconomic forces, none is more powerful than demographics. Demographists can use population and birth rate data to predict major trends.   The most prolific researcher in this field is Harry Dent Jr.  In his book “The Demographic Cliff”  Harry’s brilliant research attempts to predict the future.   By now you’re probably wondering, how he can use demographic information to predict the future?  Using data from the US Census Bureau, Mr. Dent found that the average American spends the most amount of money when they are 46 years old.







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