Record Unemployment: People Are Optimistic, but Should They Be?

Record Unemployment. People Are Optimistic but Should They Be?

To kick things off, Luke dives straight into President Donald Trump's 96-0 Congratulations America tweet, which was a reference to the government approving the $2 Trillion Stimulus package.

Next, Luke gets into the record unemployment number, which now soars past 3 million and shows a vertical strip on the data chart, and Tim Picciott explains why April is likely to be even worse, with more unprecedented layoffs and terminations.

Even as the battle between Donald Trump and The Federal Reserve rages on, the economy continues to fall.

Finally, the guys remind viewers that a depression is likely to cause many suicides as death accompanies a terrible economy. Please remember to love each other.

Cases SURGE in New York & Is a 2nd Stimulus UBI Coming Already?

In our third video of the day, Luke and Tim dive into all of the day's biggest headlines not covered so far. These include:

* New York’s sickness death toll jumps 100 in one day.

* Cuomo admits his decision to quarantine all at once wasn’t best strategy.

* Oxford study indicates millions have already built immunity to virus.

* 14% of Recovered virus patients test positive AGAIN in China.

* Hospitals Consider Universal DNRs for patients with the sickness.

* US Marine tests positive & Pentagon announces 1st case.

* US military is withholding infection data.

* Bill Ackman made $2.6 Billion betting against the markets.

* Nancy Pelosi hints that $2 Trillion is just the beginning.

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