The Military is Here & the Government is Taking Over Your Rights!

Extreme measures are now being implemented.

Trump refused to order supplies because business owners revolted, he has now turned a full 180 and invoked the Defense Production Act ordering GM to make ventilators and allowing government to take control of private business.

All this and more with Luke and Tim.

Always, in uncertain times, remember to love each other.

The Economy is Going Down! Will You Go with It?

Things are developing rapidly in the US and around the world.

President Donald Trump is now talking about possibly quarantining all of NYC and parts of Connecticut and New Jersey. Russia is also closing all borders on Monday, and all of that news a greater hit to the economy.

But who will profit from this crisis? Unsurprisingly, Jeff Bezos, Amazon's creator stands to profit handsomely, and that is on top of the $3.4 billion of the stock he sold immediately before the catastrophe. Who else? There is a long list of offenders.

The fed is potentially committing horrendous crimes against humanity. There is now a treasury shortage! Wall Street is getting trillions of dollars in bailouts, while the American people are getting $1200, and many are losing their jobs.

Will things get much worse before they get better? CFP Tim Picciott thinks so. What do you think?

Stay tuned for all that and more economic news from Luke and Tim of Change the News. And remember to practice compassion and love for each other.

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