How Far Will the Government Go to Enforce Quarantine? The SHOCKING Truth

Today, Luke, Tim, and frequent guest John Sneisen (The Economic Truth) dive into the day's social and political news. For our daily economic news update, please see our live stream from earlier today.

First, the guys discuss the molecular biologist who says this sickness could have leaked from a bio lab. So is the illness natural or did it come from a bio lab? Listen as the guys weigh in with their opinions and how they support them.

Next, they discuss the extent law enforcement around the world is going to enforce quarantine and stomp out basic rights. For example, in the UK, police officers on drones are shaming people for being out alone in nature. Elsewhere, people are being fined for driving in their cars. And in the most radical measure thus far, Rodrigo Duterte - President of Philippines - ordered police and military to kill citizens who defy lock down orders. The guys remind viewers to be wary because this is what authoritarians want.

Finally, they dive into some brighter news: The reemergence of a barter system using social media, apps, and actual communities! After seeing the various ways in which humans are banding together, why do people think things would fall apart without a government? People are taking care of themselves and each other, while governments are restricting the sale of essential items that enable self-reliance.

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