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First off I apologize that the audio was a little off.  I made a rookie error with the backup audio recording and livestreaming to facebook caused a snafu.  In any event we have a ton of great info to share and thank you for your support!


Hello everyone its Tim Picciott CFP, it is Dec 13th and you are  in for another Crypto Wealth Edition of the liberty advisor podcast.  Todays guest is Xander McKean of Millennial TV  where you can find him on youtube, twitter facebook and all the other heavily censored platforms under the millennial tv brand. 


Xander is very knoweldgable about the crypto markets, he’s not bad on the eyes for all the ladies out there and in case that s not enough he was also a standout quarterback where he played in college.   He then left the country to play professional football in Europe and that American football not soccer.


Welcome to the show.  I’d like to start off and let you tell your story about how you got in here.       


What is your goal?


What is your why?


Coingecko update:


  1. https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2018-12-10/each-top-100-cryptocurrencies-explained-one-sentence

-If you want to skip to the end story on the top 100 crypto this is the place to go.

- Not going to read all of them but here are some examples of more obscure coins you might not be famillar with.   Check out the show notes CWE4 to find this article and while your there please subscribe.






  1. What will trigger the next bull run.

  2.1-For those waiting on an ETF: https://news.bitcoin.com/sec-chair-bitcoin-etf-approval/

Jay Clayton- What investors expect is that trading in the commodity that underlies that ETF makes sense and is free from the risk of manipulation … It’s an issue that needs to be addressed before I would be comfortable.


“We’ve seen some thefts around digital assets that make you scratch your head … We care that the assets underlying that ETF have good custody and that they’re not going to disappear.”


Do you think this is a big deal to have an ETF?

Pro’s and cons


Private key and shameless plug for crypto self direct importance of holding private keys.



2.2 Some think it will actually be amazon  https://www.forbes.com/sites/billybambrough/2018/12/10/a-bitcoin-exchange-boss-thinks-jeff-bezos-will-trigger-the-next-bull-run/#7a200ed54acb





2.4 Some say it will be real world applications and here is a story about statefarm testing out the blockchain

State farm is trying to determine whether a blockchain platform is a “viable product for insurance industry adoption,”

““It helps us automate a manual process securely and creates a permanent transaction record of each payment which can easily be verified for accuracy. It also has the potential to decrease the amount of time for consumers to receive their deductible reimbursement.”

“Some $11 billion in claims were transferred due to subrogation in 2017, a spokesperson for State Farm explained in an email, with $750 million dealing with private-passenger insurance claims.”




Some other interesting news:







This is a perfect Segway for next week’s episode where we talk with the CEO of the largest bitcoin / crypto miner in the world Andrew Kegul.


              -discussed with Andrew already but worth mentioning





Xanders articles:










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