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John Sneisen and Tim Picciott report on Donald Trump's latest tweet saying that he wants the 1% interest rate cut and that he wants the Federal Reserve to continue its Quantitative Easing Program. They also comment on how Chamath Palihapitiya says that the management of the economy by the FED has caused the economy to ignore recessions and continue in an upward trajectory.

They talk about how the FED is the only reason for the coming massive market crash and how the FED will have to buy a wide range of assets in the coming crash to try to keep the market and economy afloat while they will be the owner of all asstets. They warn about what is coming for the US economy and talk about the fake 3.2% GDP numbers coming out of the US and how GDP growth isn't necessarily a good thing at all costs.

They talk about how countries like China have created GDP growth from building ghost cities that no one lives in. They also speak on how the increase in the stock market has only come from a few corporations most using a share buyback strategy.

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