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Today we are joined by economic analyst Author Researcher John Sneisen

You can find John’s work on World Alternative Media where Josh Sigurdson and John have really built

Quite the impressive following.  They’ve really been growing like crazy which is great to see but they are not overnight successes.  Josh and John have been pumping out content for years and its actually amazing to see the amount of content you guys put out especially since Josh is editing the videos himself.


One of the reasons I wanted to bring John on the program is because he’s one of the few economic analysts that A knows what s going on and B didn’t capitulate in the face of everyone telling us we were in the greatest economy in the history of the world.

I also want to point out that John is coming to us from Canada today and really this is not just an American economic situation that is unfolding its really a global situation that’s going on.

Probably a good place to start might be to actually talk about what’s going on in Canada as like most ignorant Americans I don’t pay a ton of attention to Canada but it does seem that reliance on oil and foreign real estate buyers could pose a problem. 

To me it seems that the Vancouver real estate market can’t keep going up at the same rate its been going up and two years ago I was having a discussion with a buddy of mine and I told him I thought shorting Canadian housing and DB could be catalysts but its not just Canada its also Australia and I know you’ve done some reporting on that as well.



You won't want to miss John's inaugural appearance on the show


Topics of Discussion:

Economic Situation with Canada and Australia 

US Bond Market

Federal Reserve

2020 Election / Trump walking into a trap

Us Economic Outlook

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