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Today on the podcast we are honored to have Sheriff Richard Mack. The Sheriff is running for congress on a Libertarian Constitutional platform as a Republican. The election is Feb 27th and he needs our help. We hope you enjoy this wide ranging discussion and if you care about your rights and freedoms I'd highly encourage you to like, share and donate to the Sheriff.







As a former Sheriff I know that President Trump needs to “call backup” in the US Congress to Drain the Swamp!  He can’t do it alone, and far too often there are those in our own party that are fighting his ability to keep his campaign promises.
When I am in DC as your next Congressman you know that as a Constitutional Conservative I want to make 5 things happen:
1) Abolish superfluous and corrupt bureaucracies. The recent "Memo" release and its accompanying scandal shows once again how federal agencies can no longer be trusted. Crimes committed by the IRS, FBI, DEA, EPA, FDA, BATF, BLM, and many others are precisely why the Swamp must be drained and drastically so! The FBI and IRS have been used by desperate Presidents as hitmen against their political enemies. The DEA has accepted bribes in the form of prostitutes from Colombian cartels and the Dept. of Ed now uses SWAT teams to collect unpaid student loans. All of these agencies attack innocent Americans with impunity and unbridled cruelty. We need members of congress with the courage and determination to get rid of these "swamp dwellers." Freedom and the American dream cannot co-exist with such rogue criminal bureaucrats. 
2) Take back Arizona lands from the Federal Government.  The federal government thinks it owns 70% of our State! They run our land, our Grand Canyon, our education, our health care, our farms and ranches, our copper mines, and monitor every financial transaction that each of us makes daily. It's time to end this insanity. Arizonans can and should run Arizona! Let's take back our land and send the federal bureaucrats back where they belong.
3) Follow the Bill of Rights.  We are constantly being watched, monitored, and wiretapped. The NDAA, FISA, Patriot Act, and a slew of other "laws" have created a government that has stolen the authority to tap in to every phone, fax, text, and computer transmission. Why? To keep us safe, of course. (It's all for our own good.) Yes, this part of the Swamp must also be drained. 
4) Audit the Fed.  The Federal Reserve has never been audited or held accountable for its actions. In 1913 Congress abdicated its constitutional duty to "coin money [and] regulate the value thereof" and turned it over to private banks. This was a disastrous mistake and must be corrected forthwith. Our economic survival depends on members of congress that will do this. Do you know anyone running for congress who will? Sheriff Richard Mack will!
5) Slash the size of government.  The Founders of America established a new experiment based on natural rights, limited government, and a system that allowed the people to govern themselves. They believed that the best government was least felt by the people and that all bad government was a result of too much government. America's survival depends on us returning to the original path as established some 240 years ago.  
So drain the swamp, take back our lands, cut the size and scope of bureaucrats, restore accountability, stop government crimes and corruption, and return to our foundation. This is only possible if you vote for the person with the courage to do it! 

Back Sheriff Richard Mack

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