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In this podcast Tim breaks down the latest GDP numbers and tells you exactly how this number is rigged.


Tim also covers how the Government distorts the Unemployment rate and inflation data while comparing statement Trump made as a candidate vs statements he’s making now that he’s President.


In one Case Candidate Trump said "5.3 percent unemployment -- that is the biggest joke there is in this country.”  He also went on to describe it as "such a phony number."



We also get into the effect increasing interest rates have on your portfolio and how this is the main catalyst for what could ultimately prick the market bubble.


Tim discusses the Federal Reserve’s program to sell bonds and the pressures this will have on interest rates and ways to potentially invest as  a result of what he see’s coming.


This is a video podcast where you can follow along but don’t fret if you are listening to this as Tim narrates all the charts and graphs he references.


Lastly Tim goes over his predictions for the midterms and how that could spell disaster for Trump’s economic “recovery”.


This is an action packed podcast… as action packed as a podcast about interest rates can be that you won’t want to miss.


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