On todays Show Tim Picciott interviews one of his mentors and colleagues Kirk Chisholm.Kirk is ranked as Investopedia’s #7th most influential advisor in America. One of Kirk’s specialties is risk management using option strategies.


In this podcast you’ll hear about how Innovative Advisory Group was able to capture most of the upside from 2019 incredible year, while missing almost all the downside in 2020. Innovative’s unique approach to traditional investing is perfectly suited for those who don’t have time for their funds to recover aka people close to or already retired. It is also perfectly suited for those that would not like to risk half their money disappearing in another financial crisis… which is most people I know.




Tim and Kirk cover a wide variety of topics including:

-How his firm faired during last weeks major sell off

- Lessons from the Dot Com Bubble and Financial Crisis

- Death of the buy and hold approach

-Why stop losses aren’t all they are cracked up to be

-Pros and Cons of our strategy.

-Alternative Investments

-We touch a little on Self-Directed IRA’s

- Background of how I came to work with Innovative Advisory Group.

To find out more about Innovative Advisory Group you can visit innovativewealth.com and to work with both Tim and Kirk you can learn more at www.thelibertyadvisor.com


For Tim's free ebook text "LibertyAdvisor" to 71441


To learn how you can invest outside the stock market, here is Kirk's list of 75 Alternative Investments that can help you invest outside the stock market: http://www.innovativewealth.com/Timpicciott1

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