In this walk and Talk Tim goes over a little reported on rule change at the FED which will dramatically impact their ability to "save" the economy.   This is until lawmakers cave of course.

Part 2 of this talk Tim pivots to talking about Corona Virus and its impact on Bitcoin. 

Part 3  Tim pivots to talking about the technocratic digital currency control grid that is being established, along with central banking money printing as well as Crypto Do's and Don'ts. 

Part 4  More Crypto talk and specifically talking about the cycle of weak hands selling out and XRP / Ripple in the news. 

Part 5 More Ripple Bashing 

Part 6 Bitcoin talk and discussion of fee's, altcoin use cases and going down the crypto rabbit hole and discussion of Central Banks hijacking blockchain tech to enslave humanity. 

Part 7 Crypto Investment Strategies

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