The Day of Reckoning is Here!!! What's Really Happening with the Economy

"Moral Hazard" is the phrase of the day as the US government proves once again they are worse than worthless.

Luke and Tim explain why the Fed's announcement of an emergency rate cut to 0 accompanied by a $700 billion bond program as an attempt to boost the economy is FAILING. Economic experts seem to agree: What we’re seeing is the brink of Fed Capitulation.

To further illustrate the absolute incompetence in the system, Americans are now flying to China to get tested for the Virus. Does that seem like a healthy system to you?

Although some argue that things won't be as bad as others suggest, one thing is for certain: It’s going to get worse before it gets better.

Politically, the nation's presidential campaign is ramping up, and Tim notes the best indicator of who will win the election is the stock market, which makes Joe Biden the obvious front-runner.

With so much focus on how to keep your money safe, at Change the News, we want to emphasize that your PRIORITY SHOULD BE ON FOOD, SUPPLIES & STRENGTHENING YOUR PERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS. Stay safe, stay healthy, and love always.


All the Important News You're Missing Because You're Distracted!!!

This is all the news that isn't related the C-Word.

While the government is dragging their feet with response to the virus that's gripping the world, they are busily trying to infringe upon your privacy by ending encryption with the “Earn It Act”.

Don't be misled into believing this act is intended to combat children’s victimization online. What the act really does is give more power to big tech companies, limits free speech, and eliminates encryption. Although they repeatedly use the word "children" to describe those who this act will protect, be very sure you're aware of who they intend the word to describe, and what kinds of access to your personal data passing the law will allow.

Further exemplifying the horrors of government overreach, Maryland police shot and killed Duncan Lemp on Friday night on a “Red Flag” gun laws. Our hearts go out to Duncan’s family and we encourage anyone who is able to contribute to their GoFundMe campaign. Devastatingly, Lemp isn’t even the first person police have killed over “Red Flag” gun laws in Maryland, and additional cases are popping up across the country.

This is yet another example of the government using a disaster to profit on their people, while distracting you with comments about people "disaster profiteering" from the sale of necessary household goods.

To further exemplify law enforcement’s incompetence at bringing justice is the next chapter in the never-ending saga of Jeffrey Epstein.

As always, in times of crisis, we encourage everyone to practice self-reliance, responsibility, preparedness, and love and compassion for your fellow human beings. We are all in this together, but we are all responsible for ourselves.

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