The Government & the Fed Aren't Here to Rescue You!!!

The FED is getting serious about owning the world. In this episode, Certified Financial Planner - The Liberty Advisor™ - Tim Picciott breaks down the FED’s trial balloons for owning stock.

Next, Tim explains what this means and how they are planning on pulling it off.

This is truly crazy news and is something Tim has expressed concern over for some time now.

In the end, the guys want to remind you that the government, the fed, and big businesses are not here to rescue you. You have to rescue yourself. Get off the sinking ship. End the Fed!

Stick around for more of our videos from Change the News, We are Change, and The Liberty Advisor. And always remember to love each other

Media Caught Faking Footage From Italy, As If It Were From New York

In this episode Luke and Tim go over several misleading headlines the media has put out about the health-related c word.

In one such instance, the media even played off footage from an Italian hospital as if it were from NYC!


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