This is MADDENING - The Game is Rigged!

As the pandemonium in New York City and beyond continues, Luke and Tim discuss the economic impact that accompanies the pandemic.

First, the guys discuss growing concerns over the nation's rapidly rising unemployment and how that factors into the likelihood that the US will face an economic depression.

Next, Luke and Tim go into Trump's failed campaign promise that as president, he would stop propping-up the "fake phony economy." In fact, things are now worse than they were before with bubbles built on bubbles.

Discussing CEOs and government officials who conducted insider trading in the months prior to the outbreak, the guys conclude that the stock market itself is the biggest ponzi scheme out there!

To make matters worse, the fed is bailing out hedge funds that were practicing high-risk borrowing and lending simply because they're "too big to fail," but are they really, or will the American people rise up and insist: "NO BAILOUTS"?

Finally, on the bright note, Luke and Tim conclude by reminding viewers that opportunity is born from crisis, and it's all about mindset!

As always, we encourage everyone to practice social distancing but remember: love each other.

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