During this talk Tim Picciott CFP(R) CRPC(R) breaks down numerous important topics that almost no other financial advisor delves into.


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Some of the topics that were addressed:


Recapping last years presentation on Crypto Trust Strategies 5:00- 9:00


Did Charlie Lee really sell his litecoin? 8:00 min mark


My journey to speaking here and the story of me losing my job / income for speaking there last year. 10 min mark


What I lost for speaking here in 2018 12:30 mark


Email / Podcast where I told my clients and TDV opt in subscribers how I positioned their accounts because I didn't believe the market hype. This was the day before the market started going down. 14:27 mark


Ernest Hancock's influence on me. 15:30 mark


IPFS project 16 min mark


7 Big Retirement Risk 16:50 Mark


The biggest retirement Risk of them all 19 min mark


Interest Rate Risk 20 min mark


Fed must choose whether they will save: Stock Market, Bond Market or the Dollar. 22 min mark


Market Risk - How the math work. 22.20 mark


How a bear market effects your retirement while you are in the withdrawal phase of your retirement. 22:50 Mark VERY IMPORTANT


Sequence of Return Risk 23 min mark - 25 min mark Very Important


Common ways "Liberty Community" invests 27:30 mark


60 / 40 portfolio 29:30 mark - 32 min mark


Recap 32 min mark


Free Ross special 33 min mark: This has been altered post conference. $2000 all in will get you a SDIRA. $500 to Ross Directly. $750 to lawyers. $750 to IAG. Details in addendum


Ways we can stay in touch 35 min mark


The math behind a "Crypto IRA" 36 min mark


Ernest Hancock's Endorsement 40:40 mark



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