February 17, 2022

Former Blackrock executive breaks down allefed Pfizer fraud as pharma stocks and the social contract collapse.

He also gets into the real reasons for the PLANdemic and how the pension ultimately can't be paid and much more.

Can Jay Powell tame inflation without causing a recession?

Tim explains the arbitrary nature of terms like bear market and recession and, how a 50% market drop might only be correction territory and much more in this episode of Tim and John.

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Alex Jones clips - https://pca.st/episode/ed6d2516-ee4d-4af4-ac16-88cfc4191f0e
How to make Canada great again - https://twitter.com/KarolStephens/status/1493445807529500673

Fruit Nazi - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGf9lmtcWvY



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