February 22, 2022

War to begin. I mean any other day imminent world war 4 would be the only thing worth discussing but our very own John Sniesen has been working harder than anyone to expose the world economic forum young leaders school and we have so many bombshell clips that viewers like yourselves have sent us and many I've never seen before that perfectly encapsulate where we’re going.

Whether its Klaus Schwab in 2016 talking about how in ten years we’d all have implantable nano technology or a 2018 WEF presentation on transhumanism and how we are the latest generation of homo sapien sapiens because future generations will be synthetic beings merged with machines.

Now when you talk to Billionaires or guys worth $10M $50M they are often pretty plugged in and can accept this information and have been to conferences where guys like Ray Kurzweil talk about this stuff but you try talking to a guy making $50k a year and they will think your nuts. Which leads me to this quote from JP Morgan himself that says

“Millionaires don't use Astrology, billionaires do.”


And I’d be remised if we didn’t point out today’s date. It is February 2nd 2022 and a Tuesday and with all these 2’s you could say its two’s day. And Speaking of astrology Pluto is coming back into alignment and the last time that happened was July 4th 1776.

Now we have WW4 kicking off on the exact date Pluto is back into alignment and now lets cut to a clip of Alex Jones talking about the significance of this date.








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