What Caused Cryptos To Crash???

Join Luke & Tim as they discuss bitcoin's rampant volatility among all other markets. Find out what they think caused the crash, and what could reverse it.

With Crypto's Fear & Greed index currently at around 8, that indicates extreme fear, which could be a great buying opportunity, though this is not investment advice.

Stick around to hear their analysis and for more information about what you can do to help keep yourselves and loved ones safe.

Crisis At The FED More Drastic Measures Ahead!!!

In this video Luke and Tim go over all the latest news regarding the on going health situation that we cannot name here.

Countries are starting to take extreme precautions while the FED is in complete panic mode.

Tim Picciott The Liberty Advisor breaks down what this means for both you and your money and Steve Mnuchins latest comments that the treasury is prepared with "unlimited liquidity" !!!!

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