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Tim Picciott gives his take on the current economic landscape; what the Federal Reserve has been up to, the coming digital currency (CBDC's), the Infl...View Details

February 9, 2022 A lot of people are skeptical of Bitcoin and rightly so. In everyday life Tim constantly hears people claiming Bitcoin is evil or par...View Details

July 22, 2021   Tim is back from an excursion to Puerto Vallarta and there’s no shortage on insanity in clown world. First up is Babbling J...View Details

June 14, 2021 Whether its Bitcoin supposedly being hacked by the FBI to recover the pipeline hacker funds,or Janet yellen going from no inflation to i...View Details

May 10 2021 Details

May 3 2021 Details

April 12, 2021 On this episode of Tim and John show Tim introduces one of the hidden hands behind the scenes of the show, Arthur Diamondhands, and tod...View Details

March 29, 2021 On this episode Tim is reporting in sunny Florida, John is at the command center with our first topic up for discussion; bonds and inte...View Details

February 28th 2021 In this episode of the Tim and John Show, John does a swap cast with Tim and Yoshi. They get into what's happening in the stoc...View Details

Epic Crypto swapcast with Bitcoin Tone Vays, Max Keiser, and Joe Rodgers   For help with your crypto gains please go to www.bitcoinfinancialplann...View Details

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