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This was my first time filling in for Ernest Hancock.  I forgot to send Donna and email with all the links and it was certainly a trial by fire but lo...View Details

On this jam packed show with Ernest Hancock; Tim and Ernest go over a wide range of economic issues.   During this marathon show the Dow happened to b...View Details

Picks up around 15 mins in.  Full show archive at: Details

Video found here:!/v/ernesthancock/b35wxu23    

On this DYI with Ernest Hancock guest appearance we go over the recent financial news including: the FED's capitulation and what the yield curve inver...View Details

Today on DYI with Ernest Hancock we discuss the Federal Reserve's decision to halt interest rate hikes and end their quantitative tightening program. ...View Details

Host Ernest Hancock interviews guests Tim Picciott (Crypto Self Direct; The Liberty Advisor; Wealth Manager @ Innovative Advisory Group) and Matt McKe...View Details

Full video here:

In this episode we release a previously unreleased message that Tim planned on giving to Roger... Only...View Details

  Help us stay in touch for our inevitable purge: The Liberty Advisor .com/subscribe Listen on to the mp3 on your favorite platforms itunes&n...View Details

Watch full video here: Aside from Ron Paul... no one had as big an impact on launching the Ron Paul Rev...View Details