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Tim Picciott gives his take on the current economic landscape; what the Federal Reserve has been up to, the coming digital currency (CBDC's), the Infl...View Details

December 10, 2021 &n...View Details

November 21, 2021Video for this interview can be found at Details

Tim breaks down global economic collapse and where things  are going Our email list at Details

July 22, 2021   Tim is back from an excursion to Puerto Vallarta and there’s no shortage on insanity in clown world. First up is Babbling J...View Details

Join Our email list at learn more about John Sneisen's work please go to the conversation in T...View Details

WARNING: EXPLICIT LANGUAGE There has been a whirl wind of events take place since our last show. The world is getting crazy. Patriots storm the c...View Details

On this episode of DYI Tim and Ernie discuss the aftermath of the election circus. With impending financial calamity upon us Ernie asks Tim the import...View Details

On this episode of Declare Your Independence Tim and Earnest discuss recent developments in politics, and weigh in with their thoughts on the election...View Details

Since this was recorded whotube has deleted WAM from youtube. It is more important then ever to join back methods of communications. Warning this vide...View Details

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