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Russell Gray is Robert Helms' sidekick on The Real Estate Guys™ Radio and TV Shows.  Russ is a financial strategist with a background in fi...View Details

On this episode of Tim and John show we invite on Charlie Robinson to talk about his book he co-authored with Jeff Berwick. We also discuss the contro...View Details

On this episode Tim and John discuss the aftermath of the sElection results. This election is far from called as Trump and his team dispute the result...View Details

This episode originally live streamed on October 30th, 2020   Join the conversation in Tim and John's Discord community: Details

On this episode of Declare Your Independence Tim and Earnest discuss recent developments in politics, and weigh in with their thoughts on the election...View Details

This is Tim and John Show episode 21 and Tim Picciott the Liberty advisor and John Sneisen the economic truth are coming at you today with the great r...View Details

Since this was recorded whotube has deleted WAM from youtube. It is more important then ever to join back methods of communications. Warning this vide...View Details

On this episode of Declare Your Independence Tim is on his way back from The Red Pill Expo and what a time it was. The door to the Federal Reserve roo...View Details

Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the massive scandal that's plagued Deutsche Bank for years.  As we reported yea...View Details

On this episode of Tim and John Show we jump right into things with Ray Dalio warning that the dollar's reserve status is under threat, and American's...View Details

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