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Josh Sigurdson talks with Tim Picciott, The Liberty Advisor about the imminent collapse of the dollar as inflation skyrockets, bonds crumble and of co...View Details

April 12, 2022 During this walk and talk Tim goes over interest rate risk. Tim goes over what it means and how it can impact your portfolio and the de...View Details

December 15, 2021     The Fed announced what is likely the largest policy shift in FED history. Hear Tim's take on why this will ultimately ...View Details

October 8, 2021 Welcome to a very special episode of the Tim and John show. Today we had the honor of sitting down with the great G Edward Griffin, au...View Details

September 20, 2021Tim's recent walk and talk - Details

July 22, 2021   Tim is back from an excursion to Puerto Vallarta and there’s no shortage on insanity in clown world. First up is Babbling J...View Details

June 14, 2021 Whether its Bitcoin supposedly being hacked by the FBI to recover the pipeline hacker funds,or Janet yellen going from no inflation to i...View Details

May 3 2021 Details

4-14-2021 On this episode of DYI Tim and Ernie discuss strategy and preparation to protect your freedom from the powers that shouldn't be. The bottom ...View Details

April 12, 2021 On this episode of Tim and John show Tim introduces one of the hidden hands behind the scenes of the show, Arthur Diamondhands, and tod...View Details

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