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February 28th 2021 In this episode of the Tim and John Show, John does a swap cast with Tim and Yoshi. They get into what's happening in the stoc...View Details

February 1st 2021 Last time we spoke with Ed was red pill expo back in october. Much has changed in this fast moving world of ours. Patriots stormed t...View Details

On this episode of DYI Tim breaks down the recent Gamestop robinhood debacle.   Join Our email list at learn more about Joh...View Details

Welcome to another episode of Cash Daddies. We deep dive into how about of Hedge Fund D-bags lost and Robinhood screwed the little guy over and we wel...View Details

Wallstreet is fighting back by halting trades and screaming for regulation in the face of what they call dangerous market manipulation by users of the...View Details

On this episode Tim and John discuss the aftermath of the sElection results. This election is far from called as Trump and his team dispute the result...View Details

To learn more about John Sneisen's work please go to   Join the conversation in Tim and John's Discord community: h...View Details

This episode originally live streamed on October 30th, 2020   Join the conversation in Tim and John's Discord community: Details

It's not about what they are doing. It's about what you are doing. Robert explains what he's doing and why he doesn't worry about what the FED or the ...View Details

Many pundits and people from our community automatically think inflation is the biggest threat out there.  Is that really the case? On this show we ar...View Details

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