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February 28th 2021 In this episode of the Tim and John Show, John does a swap cast with Tim and Yoshi. They get into what's happening in the stoc...View Details

Bye Bye Facebook - TAY9

January 10, 2021 As someone that has been on Facebook nearly everyday for 16 years... it's time to say goodbye.    Join flote.appFollow me o...View Details

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 On this walk and talk Tim and Yoshi discuss the recent take down of Parler by Amazon Web Services, and how it relates to the...View Details

In this walk and Talk Tim goes over a little reported on rule change at the FED which will dramatically impact their ability to "save" the economy. &n...View Details

Yoshi is back with his favorite human Tim, and they give their take on the sElection on this walk and talk   Join the conversation in Tim and Joh...View Details

In this video Tim and Yoshi cover a few areas they forgot to cover the previous night and expand upon a few topics, such as the German Stock Market an...View Details

In this walk and talk Tim talks about the recent jobs number and why the number might not be what its all cracked up to be.   Tim also talks about the...View Details

In this episode Tim goes over the elite’s plan to use SO2 to block the sun… spearheaded by none other than Bill Gates. Tim also covers the new underly...View Details

While I'm not talking about the rioters, the protestors seem to have it all wrong. In this video Tim goes over what upsets him most about the philosop...View Details

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