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April 12, 2022 During this walk and talk Tim goes over interest rate risk. Tim goes over what it means and how it can impact your portfolio and the de...View Details

April 12, 2022While everyone was distracted with the slap heard round the world , Klaus Schawb and friends had a "world government summit" . Yes that ...View Details

March 16, 2022   On this walk and talk Tim discusses some of the political strife that has led up to the current situation in the Ukraine. There ...View Details

February 15, 2022 In this Tim and Yoshi (with much better audio), Tim breaks down a treasure trove of insane stories.These stories include: Klaus Schw...View Details

February 9, 2022 A lot of people are skeptical of Bitcoin and rightly so. In everyday life Tim constantly hears people claiming Bitcoin is evil or par...View Details

The Danger Zone!!!

February 9, 2022 For the past year Tim has been warning about the 10 year treasury hitting 2%. No sooner did we film this than did that very thing hap...View Details

October 15, 2021   In this walk and talk Tim takes a viewers question "How can the government be in control and behind everything while simultane...View Details

February 28th 2021 In this episode of the Tim and John Show, John does a swap cast with Tim and Yoshi. They get into what's happening in the stoc...View Details

Bye Bye Facebook - TAY9

January 10, 2021 As someone that has been on Facebook nearly everyday for 16 years... it's time to say goodbye.    Join flote.appFollow me o...View Details

Tuesday, January 12, 2021 On this walk and talk Tim and Yoshi discuss the recent take down of Parler by Amazon Web Services, and how it relates to the...View Details

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