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December 27, 2021   Todays show we welcome back returning guest Etienne De La Boetie2. We discuss the financial triggers leading up to the Covaid...View Details

VIDEO VERSION -   ▀▄▀▄▀ THE UNWANTED: HOSTS ▀▄▀▄▀   Ricky Varandas: The&nbsp...View Details

December 17, 2021   Today we are honored to have Scott Horton of on the show. In this show we get into the ongoing jaw boning between...View Details

October 8, 2021 Welcome to a very special episode of the Tim and John show. Today we had the honor of sitting down with the great G Edward Griffin, au...View Details

March 21, 2021 In this special feature John interviews world renowned silver expert David Morgan on the future of Silver as a part of our economy and ...View Details

We all want to stop feeding the beast, but how do we go about doing it? Today Patrick writes in to ask about the ins and outs of agorist investing. Jo...View Details

February 8, 2021 Are you breathing properly before meals? Find out on this episode of The Tim and John Show where we interview another Tim. Tim James ...View Details

Epic Crypto swapcast with Bitcoin Tone Vays, Max Keiser, and Joe Rodgers   For help with your crypto gains please go to www.bitcoinfinancialplann...View Details

February 1st 2021 Last time we spoke with Ed was red pill expo back in october. Much has changed in this fast moving world of ours. Patriots stormed t...View Details

In this Tim and John Episode, we interview the Leader of the Libertarian Party in Canada, Tim Moen. Tim talks about his experience with the "pandemic"...View Details

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