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Russell Gray is Robert Helms' sidekick on The Real Estate Guys™ Radio and TV Shows.  Russ is a financial strategist with a background in fi...View Details

The Union of The Unwanted, is an Alt-Media round-table hangout show created by Ricky Varandas from The Ripple Effect Podcast, Midnight Mike from the O...View Details

On this episode of Tim and John show we invite on Charlie Robinson to talk about his book he co-authored with Jeff Berwick. We also discuss the contro...View Details

Midnight Mike from the OBDM show, Sam Tripoli from the Tin Foil Hat podcast, Charlie Robinson from Macroaggressions and I come together for another ep...View Details

Today's Guest is Eric Shine. Eric will be breaking down how the legal system of America has been turned upside down and all the other unconstitutional...View Details

Alex Newman is an award-winning international journalist with a global reputation for hard-hitting reporting & the founder of Liberty Sentinel. Al...View Details

Sheriff Richard Mack is a political activist against tyrannical laws and the over policing of America. Howard Lichtman is the founder of the thick red...View Details

Del Bigtree is an American television and film producer and the CEO of the anti-vaccination group Informed Consent Action Network, which produced the ...View Details

It's not about what they are doing. It's about what you are doing. Robert explains what he's doing and why he doesn't worry about what the FED or the ...View Details

On this episode of Tim and John Show we invite former Hollywood actress MEL KRELL on to talk about who's really running the show and who is really con...View Details

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