In this Tim and John Episode, we interview the Leader of the Libertarian Party in Canada, Tim Moen. Tim talks about his experience with the "pandemic" as a firefighter and insights into being a first responder. His wife is also an ER nurse. Tim warns about a slew of deaths not from COVID but heart disease and other diseases. He says people have not done the appropriate health checkups and delay other critical voluntary medical interventions.
He tells the story of sabotage during his last run as a candidate to become Prime Minister of Canada. He also told us that there is no reason to hold back on his true beliefs during the next election. Tim being an Anarcho-Capitalist, could be a hope for a message to get out for true freedom and personal responsibility without government interference in our lives.
Tim goes into why he doesn't believe in politics as a means of getting into power to change things rather than to get ideas out to change people's minds or at least make them question the validity of our current democracy.
We also go into Canada's political system and government's flaws with almost doubling Canadian Public debt in under a year. And we ask the question. Can Canada be saved from its impending collapse?


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