We are now at the point where there is an open discussion of negative rates in the US.

In this show Tim Picciott and John Sniesen breakdown what negative rates mean as well as the insanity of the global financial situation.

In just the past two months over $5 TRILLION in NEGATIVE rate bonds have been issued worldwide!  In a world of negative rates capital is destroyed and you can't have capitalism without capital.

Learn how we got into this mess and why Tim and John already think American's have been living under Real negative rates once you factor in the true level of inflation. 

This show was streamed lived simultaneously to Flote.app / WAM's youtube page / Dlive / Twitch / Facebook. For a complete list of places where you can catch Tim Picciott live or subscribe to his content. www.thelibertyadvisor.com/showlinks

The stream lasted much longer than the content you see here and viewers got to have their questions answered by Tim , John and even Josh who watching whilst in Europe.



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