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We are joined by Kingsley Edwards who will be a mainstay on the show and someone whose been a longtime friend of WAM. You can read a brief bio I compiled below.

We go over a plethora of news that has been going on in the crypto markets. It has been awhile since we posted a crypto specific show so you can imagine that there is a ton to cover.

Some of the articles we touched on can be found below. We discuss factors behind both the recent rise and slight consolidation. We speculate if crypto is a safe haven asset or not. We also get into factors that are leading to wide adoption such as NFL players demanding to get paid in crypto, whole food plans to allow payment in Bitcoin and the widely anticipated "Facebook" coin.

If you have not seen it yet we also touch on CONgressman Brad Sherman of Cali who calls for Bitcoin to be banned. This is a must see video as he absolutely nails why the Federal Reserve and Federal government are terrified of Bitcoin and this piggy backs on Nobel Peace price winner Joseph Stiglitz who also called for Bitcoin to be banned.

You also have to hear how Kingsley is an OG when it comes to coinbase banning people as this happened to him years ago.

Kingsley Edwards bio

Kingsley has been paying attention to the Bitcoin space since 2011 and bought his first Bitcoin at $20.

He also started the Las Vegas bitcoin meetup group 5 years ago and now the group boasts over 700 members!

He also pioneered video game betting platform using bitcoin and had a big token sale and acquisition from that

Articles and Topics we Cover:
Bitcoin Can't Stop Won't Stop
As we record the price is down quite a bit from last night but this is coming off the heals of a monster 1 month rally

Fear and Greed index:


Funny how a lot of this price rise came after jokers like Nobel Prize winning economist stiglitz called for it to be shut down

Stiglitz shut it down:

Not to be outdone con gressmen brad sherman out of cali took his argument to the floor in what is actually a pretty true and pretty hilarious speech that he gave
congress ban bitcoin

I'm sure they don't mean all of crypto's . Keep around goldman coin. Keep around ripple. Keep around facebook coin. JPM coin . Keep security tokens.

briefly flash by articles:

speaking of security token:
Go into article

Lets get into why you think the price rose so dramatically:

1. Safe Haven:

Do you think its a safe haven

mainstream appeal
Bitcoin dominance
tether to bitfinex.... can you have it both ways though.

5. The Binance hack proved Bitcoin's integrity
large buy order about a month ago.
Reuters, yesterday’s surge was a result of “a single order that has been algorithmically-managed across these three venues, of around 20,000 BTC” as noted by Oliver von Landsberg-Sadie, chief executive of cryptocurrency firm BCB Group. Oliver goes on to say that “If you look at the volumes on each of those three exchanges – there were in-concert, synchronized, units of volume of around 7,000 BTC in an hour.” If anything, this is a tell-tale sign that there is improving market confidence and something “huge” is on the cards a few days after CBoE delisted their XBT Futures


you also have nfl players wanting to get paid in crypto :

fdic insured accounts:

9/10 americans know about bitcoin and 1/5 milenials own btc.


Whats behind sell off
Go back to fear and greed

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