BREAKING: Biggest Bailout in History. Stimulus Bill Passed

BREAKING NEWS: Biggest Bailout in History. Stimulus Bill Passed.

The pandemic emergency stimulus package will exceed $6 trillion! That’s a $2 trillion in: aid for families, airline bailouts, and a $350 billion small business loan program. The remaining $4 trillion will allow the federal reserve to bailout whoever they want. Trump’s chief economics officer Larry Kudlow says he expects this bill to recover the economy before the end of the year, which is precisely how you know it’s more likely to take years to recover.

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This is Not Over. It's Not a Snowstorm. This is Economic COLLAPSE!

Luke and Tim get into all of the many reasons why investors shouldn't trust the stock market's recovery today. As always lately, there is much bigger news brewing.

NYC looks like it will become the next Wuhan. The morgues are now full or nearly full. Please be sure to check out Luke's other video all about this over on the We Are Change channel.

In the US, politicians are doing what they do best, monopolizing on this tragedy to grab up all of the money and power they can.

Rashida Tlaib proposed that every person in the US be given $2k on a preloaded debit card that would be reloaded w $1k/month until 1 year after the end of the CoronaVirus crisis. Calls for the minting of 2 Trillion-dollar coins. How will we pay for this? The treasury will issue 2 trillion-dollar platinum coins, the federal reserve will purchase them, then the treasury would make the funds available to the bureau of fiscal service who will disperse the funds.

Negative interest rates in the US now. The US now has a negative three month treasury yield.

James Bullard and other economists are telling people this will all blow over, but they’re wrong.

What is happening in the US and on a global scale, now looks early similar to what happened in Zimbabwe.

The pace is staggering. Today’s pump took the promise of $6 trillion.

What else would need to happen to keep the economy going?

As always, we remind you to practice love and compassion for each other as we are all in this together.


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