In the US and worldwide, the sickness death toll continues to climb, but will government overreach be our savior? Or will it continue to make things exponentially worse? Luke and Tim's positions are pretty clear, but what's yours?

First, the guys dive straight into the days' top news stories, which include:

  • Rikers Island prisoners offered $6/hour plus face masks to dig mass graves
  • Law enforcement being ravaged by the illness
  • The UK cancels Wimbledon
  • Mass surveillance & punishments for being in nature

As always, we remind you to take action yourselves, as you cannot count on the government to help or save you.

Then, at the 9 minute mark, Luke and Tim dive into the main story: Why is MSM promoting Bill Gates' plan for prison planet as heroic?

Gates announced he has a plan to quell the contagion & $1 Billion to back it. But does the plan include further government overreach to achieve? You bet! The 3 steps "to save lives and get people back to work" include:

  1. Full nationwide shutdown enforced federally
  2. Testing: More tests & prioritizing who gets tested
  3. More vaccines, which he claims can be developed in 18 months

In Gates’ previous Ted talk about pandemic, he said we need to get the population down to 0 to get the carbon footprint to 0. Gates has also recently supported a plan for satellite surveillance, which would in essence turn the world into a prison planet.

Luke reminds people that a huge part of the problem with any of this is the reinfection rate of 14-17%. Additionally, it's important to remember that the countries that prioritized money or economy have gotten screwed as will the US.

In the end, we want to ask everyone a single question: Why are we bailing out the 0.1%, but we can’t have a national initiative to get people masks? All that and so much more in this one short clip! Stay tuned, and please remember to like, comment, subscribe, and hit that notification bell so you never miss another episode of Change the News. Peace & Love to All!

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