Luke and Tim dive straight into the shocking (to some) news that unemployment numbers are far worse than many economists predicted.

Last week, 6.6 Million Americans filed for unemployment, and the week prior, 3.3 million filed. That brings the total number of unemployed Americans to 10 million, and that is before the second wave of layoffs and unemployment even begins.  What is clear at this point is that our economy will not bounce back by Easter or anytime soon.

This crisis is unparalleled. The guys remind us that these are just the initial numbers, some states take 2-3 weeks or longer to process the claims, that number will likely double. April is likely to be far worse as businesses go under and lay off any employees.

Next, the guys discuss gold and silver as a safe haven, the federal reserve's secretive behavior and what they're likely to do next, police pensions, and the draconian state of world police.

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