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In this wide ranging talk at the Arizona Breakfast club, Tim lays the foundation for why America's pension system will fail.

Tim also talks about the biggest risks retiree's face in retirement and how many of those same risks exist in the pension system as well. With more and more Baby Boomers withdrawing their retirement funds each and everyday to live off, sequence of return risk poses a massive risk, not only to their own retirements but their pensions as well. In 2008 the oldest baby boomers were just starting to reach retirement age which meant the majority of pension funds didn't have to liquidate assets in order to fulfill withdrawals. Now that 10 years have come and gone, America's pension system will no longer be afforded the benefit of being able to wait out the next crash.

This problem is further compounded once you take into account interest rate risk. If you want to be on the up an up for what might be coming down the pipe then you can't afford to miss this presentation. Also if you are close to retirement or already retired and aren't aware of interest rate risk or the other risks retiree's face then you won't want to miss this. Please note that since this talk was given outside that this audio quality is not up to our preferred standards. Please enjoy and share with your friends. Please also help this site grow by donating a small amount or large :slightly_smiling_face: amount of crypto if you found this content valuable. You can also support our founder Tim by utilizing his wealth management services. Thank you and enjoy.

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