It's like 2008, but on STEROIDS!!!

Could this be the calm before the storm? As a virus sweeps the world, does a viral economy mean we haven’t even begun to see the worst of it yet?

Luke and Tim discuss all of the breaking news the mainstream media is missing including:

• Politicians & Celebs being tested for the virus while regular people aren't

• U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweet

• Fear PARALYSIS gripping the world & why we don’t have to let it

• Totalitarian government and arrests

• Fed's $500 billion bailout w $450 billion exempt from disclosure

• The Fed purchasing $125 billion in securities every day

• The probability that we’re moving to a highly centralized economy

• Highest prices on bonds in decades

• Companies buying back their own stocks

• Unemployment & how it relates to a gig economy

• U.S. Secretary of the Treasury, Steven Mnuchin & his dirty ties to Soros

• The globalist side of Donald Trump

• And so much more

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Democrats Block Stimulus Package & UBI

First, Luke and Tim remind us that the April 15 tax-return filing deadline was deferred three months. July 15th is the new extended date.

Next, they look into the CV UBI Stimulus Bill. The new law, which requires small employers — those with fewer than 500 employees — to provide limited paid-leave benefits to employees who are affected by the viral emergency. Small employers are given new tax credits and federal payroll-tax relief to pay for the new mandatory benefits.

Additional elements of the bill include: Small Employer Tax Credits, Small Employer FICA Tax Relief, and comparable tax credits for self-employed people.

In the end, the guys have one question for you: What do you think of the proposed closing tagline: “Change the News, Be the News”? Let us know what you think in the comments down below, and please remember to like, comment, subscribe, and tell your friends. As always, we encourage everyone to love each other.

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