David Morgan a big-picture thinker and his main focus is—educating people about honest money and the benefits of a sound financial system. His ideas can be seen in the movie Four Horsemen.  I'll have to check that out. I know I've heard about it.
As publisher of The Morgan Report, he has appeared and has been featured on: CNBC,(we won't hold that against him), Fox Business, The Wall Street Journal, Futures Magazine, The Gold Report and many numerous other publications.
The first time I heard about David was last year at Anarchapulco and from what I gathered about David from other attendee's is that his presentation was one that people didn't want to miss because of his impeccable reputation.  

Some of the topics we get into include:

I want to start with how you got into this space , Whats your background, how you got hooked up with the Anarchapulco community.
As a highly sought after speaker how can you compare Anarchapulco to other conferences you've spoke at in the past.
Can you give us any highlights on what you might be presenting this year?
Now I'm not super familar with your work but I'd like to know more about what insights you give to your subscribers...
          - are you telling them hey this gold / silver stock is a buy.  This rare metal is being used in catalytic converters and the paris accords are banning its import so you need to jump on it before it skyrockets?  
-Trace MAyor who is an early crypto adopter talked about you should have a certain amount of crypto you never sell and another amount you can trade based on oversold or overbought conditions.  Is that sort of your philosophy as well or do you just advise people stack silver.
-Do you recommend people keep silver as their money vs lets say $250k in the bank?
Money vs currency. 
For people listening who might not have a gazilion dollars what the best way for them to get started.  Go to a local dealer and buy junk silver.  Stack small amount of bullion they bought offline.  What are some things the average person needs to be aware of because I'm sure there are all sorts of nmeusmatic scams with ridiculous mark ups that targeted to 80 year olds or people just getting started who might not know any better.
I'd Like to shift gears into macroeconomics and this will probably take us back to silver once we talk about how messed up everything is.
For me the biggest thing going on is that you have the ECB who stopped their QE money printing program last month.  You have the FED rolling $50 bn off a month and to me we're in this make believe everything is awesome environment at least in america but at some point its only a matter of time before central banks start aggresively printing money again and at that point are investors finally going to realize that maybe we're trapped in zero percent rates forever and does that mean stock prices soar bc we're back to printing trillions or do stocks tank because investors realize we're in an artificial economy.  I think eventually stocks soar... I just don't know if they soar 10 years later or 2 months later but I do know it makes sense to have a plan in place and Precious metals and crypto for me should be part of that plan if you know what your doing.
Can you comment on what you see as the biggest things going on from a 100k foot view and how you see things playing out?
Back to silver investing.
Are there any income strategies people use regarding precious metals investing?
Do you think the markets are manipulated at all?
 I have a listener give a  shout out to Dr Phranq who wanted to know your thoughts on Barrick Gold.  they recently merged with Rand Gold and Dr Phranq said his father heard some mainstream economist who sounded very bullish on Barrick and he thought.... hey when MSM even acknowledges gold nows the time to get in before more of the mainstream catches on.
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