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Colin and Presearch have committed to giving away 10k presearch tokens.  We will have this giveaway at the end of June.  

Text worldalternativemedia to 71441 to be entered to win. 


On todays show we sat down with Colin Pape the CEO of Presearch and Sterlin Lujan formerly of

Presearch is a search engine that is super easy to install... works with all the major browsers and helps retain your privacy while online.  

Whether you have something to hide or not is irrelevant.  Your data is being used against you.  Learn how to actually get paid to search, how to keep your searches as anonymous as possible and how to bring down the tech oligopolies.

This show while being labeled a "crypto wealth show" does not focus on crypto and is a great crossover show to listen to whether you are into bitcoin or not.  

Hope you enjoy and hope you can do something everyday to help break the censors stranglehold on humanity. 



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