Trump Wants to Re-Open Economy. Is it Too Little, Too Late?

Trump says America may reopen after 15 days. He’ll even defy doctors’ orders to re-open businesses and restore the US economy. But what’s likely to come from those actions, if they are enacted?

Luke, Tim Picciott, and financial historian John Sneisen explain why this is just another excuse for the government to take stakes in corporations in a socialist way.

The Fed's Major Moves So Far & What You Need to Know

In all of the recent news about the postponing of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the spread of a contagious virus, it's easy to get lost, but Luke and Tim get you back on track and focused on the real news: what the fed has already done.

The Dow surged, but what’s the reality? Tim breaks it down. Here's everything the fed has already done:

* Reduced Rates to zero

* Reduced Reserve requirement to zero

* 3 500 bn 3 month term repo’s

* $185 billion in QE per day

* Willing to provide unlimited support to the markets

* Buying MBS, Treasuries, outright monetizing the debt track

* Muni bonds, corporate bonds

* Stock as collateral and other non “safe” assets now count as collateral

* FASB urging change in accounting rules to help banks hide losses

* 2 year blackout on REPO operation transpareny

* 6 month window on bailouts proposed.

* Digital Dollar

The fed has basically said: we have to initiate communism to see economic growth.

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