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March 16, 2022 Welcome back to another Tim and John Show Lots of craziness discussed in this episode: - We had Fed raise rates for first time in 3.5 y...View Details

February 22, 2022 War to begin. I mean any other day imminent world war 4 would be the only thing worth discussing but our very own John Sniesen has b...View Details

February 17, 2022 Former Blackrock executive breaks down allefed Pfizer fraud as pharma stocks and the social contract collapse. He also gets into the...View Details

February 2, 2022   *DISCLAIMER* Tim accidentally recorded using his webcam mic, so please bare with us   Hello and welcome to another Tim an...View Details

January 19, 2022   Another economic storm is brewing on the horizon and Tim and John are here to guide you through it. Markets are rolling over a...View Details

January 4, 2022   The data from the 20219 REPO crisis has been released and surprise surprise JP Morgan participated in the shady loan operation ...View Details

December 27, 2021   Todays show we welcome back returning guest Etienne De La Boetie2. We discuss the financial triggers leading up to the Covaid...View Details

December 31, 2021   We’ve made it everyone, another year in the books, and what a year it was. We’d like to thank you, the audience, ...View Details

December 27, 2021   https...View Details

December 20, 2021 Details

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